Swatches - Kit Cosmetics Safety Pin Nail Polish

Kit Cosmetics Safety Pin Nail Polish Swatch & Review

I’m so predictable, I know. Every month I say ‘no more grey nail polish’ but I’m a huge liar with poor willpower. Obviously! Grey nailpolishes are my true weakness, as a quick browse… - Chanel Flirt Coco Shine Lipstick

Chanel Flirt Coco Shine Lipstick swatch & review

This is long overdue, but I felt like it was time to give a nod to my official Summer Colour of 2K15: Chanel Flirt Coco Shine Lipstick, a sheer glazed confection in delicate coral…. - Isabel and Ruben Toledo for MAC

Isabel and Ruben Toledo for MAC swatch & review

Petrol Blue Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner is a deep navy blue shimmer eyeliner pencil. The formula is quite soft, almost like a greasepaint pencil, and has a reasonably deep and rich colour payoff. It… - NARS Liguria lipstick

NARS Liguria lipstick swatch & review

Hold up, friends. Are you on the search for a yellow-based caramel lipstick? For whatever reason yellow based caramel lipsticks aren’t hugely common in Australia which, given our large West and East Asian population, is quite… - NARS Vent Salé Lipgloss

NARS Vent Salé Lipgloss swatch & review

Benefits of NARS Vent Salé lipgloss: Pretty. Unique. Great to say in a really awful Australian accent. Vent sale. Go on, try it out. Vent sale. Heh. Seriously though. Vent Sale is a sheer silver gloss… - NARS Porto Venere Eye Paint

NARS Porto Venere Eye Paint swatch & review

Oh, NARS Porto Venere Eye Paint. I’m so torn about you. I love – love – NARS Eye Paints. They are hands down the best formula of creme eyeshadow and liner available on the… - NARS St-Paul-De-Vence Eyeshadow Duo

NARS St-Paul-De-Vence Eyeshadow Duo swatch & review

As I said on Sunday, I am horribly behind the times when it comes to new NARS releases. I was belabouring under the impression that the Spring colour collection was out this week,… - Essie Scarlett O'Hara nail polish

Essie Scarlett O’Hara nail polish swatch & review

Sometimes it’s nice to default to a nice, classic red nail polish, you know? I love my grey lacquers, I love my navy blue polishes, but sometimes you just can’t beat a classic… - #EOTD: Nars Melusine Eyeshadow Duo

#EOTD: Nars Melusine Eyeshadow Duo

Operation Use It Or Lose It is now in effect: I’m sorting through my makeup collection and playing a particularly harsh and unfeeling version of my seasonal/annual makeup cleanup edict. While I’m doing… - Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul eyeshadow palette

Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul eyeshadow palette swatch & review

I know, I know. I said no more eyeshadow palettes between now and the heat death of the universe, buuuuuuuuut what are rules if not made to be broken? What am I supposed…

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