Daphne Guinness serves some alien realness with David LaChappelle

Daphne Guinness is serving up some alien realness in this video for Evening In Space, her single from her upcoming album. The video is a vibrant cosmetic feast, with stunning high art makeup highlighted against the lush candy…

The Beauty Encyclopedia: How Should I Dry My Makeup Brushes?

The Beauty Encyclopedia: How Should I Dry My Makeup Brushes?

So you’ve mastered the art of washing your makeup brushes – and it’s a great habit to have – but there’s just one thing you want to know: how on earth should I…


There is only one makeup video you’ll ever need…

And this is it. You’re welcome!

July Hair Update: Back To Blonde

July Hair Update: Back To Blonde

Who has two thumbs and barely knows how to do a ponytail without fluffy bits going all over the place? This guy. This isn’t a full hair update - more of a work in progress…

#EOTD: Dirty Cranberry

#EOTD: Dirty Cranberry Smoky Eye

I have a suspicion that MAC Cranberry eyeshadow is one of those eyeshadows that anyone with a passing interest in MAC somehow owns, but hardly ever uses. Fair enough, really: how often do…

#EOTD - Dirty Taupe Eye Makeup

#EOTD – Dirty Taupe Eye Makeup

I’ve decided that this is my aesthetic jam for winter 2K14: taupe and brown, a nod to the nineties in itself, but given an urban warlock twist with an oil-on-the-sidewalk sheen. There’s nothing I like more…


My Five Favourite Pinterest Accounts

I’ve been a bit out of sorts for a while now, with not much to do beyond cocooning myself under the blankets all day, mindlessly refreshing Tumblr and throwing myself back into the…

#EOTD - Straight Liner with Benefit They're Real! Push Up Liner

#EOTD – Classic Straight Eyeliner

Happy Power Liner Friday! Just a quick look for today; I’ve been kind of sick and out of it for a while now, so I haven’t been feeling up to creating anything too…

June Hair Update - Original & Mineral pastels

June Hair Update – a bold take on coral pastels

I’ve decided that my personal aesthetic this winter is of a fat urban cyber-warlock: straight lines against long drape cardigans that brush the back of my knees, black skinny waxed denim jeans, doc boots,…

#EOTD - Soft Rounded Eyeliner

#EOTD – Neutral Eye with Soft Rounded Eyeliner

I am an avid worshipper of the dagger-sharp eyeliner flick. My theory is that if I’m is going to wear eyeliner, then it needs to be so sharp, so pointed, so lethal that I could use…

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