I’m Lara, and I’m the person behind swatchgirl.com. I’m an escapee from the cosmetics industry, having done everything from managing the makeup mayhem backstage at many Fashion Week slots, being a product sales wiz with luxury skincare & colour cosmetics, and consulting on trend predictions and product development. I’ve also been a photographer, a radio jock, a freelance writer and a copy editor. Jack of all trades, master of some!

Customisation Cheat Sheet

  • ice cream pink hair, fine but lots of it
  • cool porcelain complexion – MAC NW20
  • normal/dry skin

Want to bend my ear about something? Shoot an email to hello@swatchgirl.com. You can also find me on Twitter, on Facebook,on Pinterest and on Instagram as @theswatchgirl. You can also kick it oldschool with an RSS feed.

Honesty is the best policy.
I sometimes receive products as gifts, or request items to trial. My crippling honesty and over-active guilt complex means that you get nothing but honest reviews from this little black duck, and I’ll always let you know if I’m talking about a product or service that I didn’t personally pay for. We cool? We cool.

swatchgirl.com uses affiliate links, either in end of post summaries, ‘shop the post’ widgets, and inline mentions of preferred stockists.

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