#EOTD: Make Up For Ever 18L Burgundy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

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#EOTD: Make Up For Ever 18L Burgundy Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

I’m a huge fan of burgundy eyeliner. Scratch that, I’m a fan of burgundy and red tones in my eye makeup, full stop. It compliments my cool-toned fair skin, plays up my eyes and gives the illusion of them being green rather than my actual flat dull grey, and gives some definition to my lashline that doesn’t get overpowered by my heavy-framed glasses.

Using red around the eyes is like the Dark Souls of makeup artistry: it requires a reasonable level of skill in terms of understanding balance and weighting, how colour interacts with objects around it, and generally grinding up enough experience to know how to integrate red-based makeup around the eye without the client looking sickly or tired. It’s not particularly difficult to do, of course, but it does require a lot of practice and a touch of theory to pull off competently?

Which is like, fine, great, but it’s also possible to integrate a touch of burgundy into every day makeup without necessarily requiring a whole lot of practice and theory. Keep the eyeshadow extremely simple and luminous, use a high quality waterproof pencil to prevent smudging (I’m a huge fan of Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 18L Burgundy Waterproof Pencil) and balance it with a simple lash and a clean softly filled brow. Voilà!

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