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The Nail Lab Susan Nail Polish

Ah, the great debate: exactly what shade is The Nail Lab Susan nail polish? Is it burgundy or plum? Wine or raspberry red?

For the sake of simplicity let’s just say that that Susan is a clean bright burgundy creme, dotted with the tiniest hint barely visible microshimmer. At first I thought my top coat had been adulterated with sparkle from a previous lacquer, but the supremely subtle whisper of sparkle is even across every nail and is visible when I hold up the bottle to catch the light.

The application was nice and easy, with two thin coats giving a smooth and even finish. I’m hilariously out of practice at doing my own manicures and made a few mistakes when painting a smooth opaque curve around my cuticles, but that’s definitely my clumsiness at fault and not the polish.

Pretty and easy to apply, but… is it raspberry? Is it plum? Is it…

Who: The Nail Lab
What: The Nail Lab Susan Nail Polish
How Much: AUD$15
When: available now.
Where: The Nail Lab

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