#EOTD – 5 Minute Urban Decay Silver Eye Makeup

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#EOTD – 5 Minute Urban Decay Silver Eye Makeup

There are people out there who enjoy getting up bright and early to spend time lovingly crafting their makeup. These people fill their eyebrows every day. These people are the masters of a false lash. These people are terrifying and powerful and will one day rule us all, but I am not one of those people.

So here’s the dilemma: I want to sleep in, but I also want to look showboat-y. I want to give the illusion of time spent making myself look sultry, but not actually go to the effort of, well, putting in effort. You feel me here? You get what I’m saying?

If you, welcome aboard. Do you want to know the magic secret to looking like you give enough of a damn to spend more than a few minutes at the bathroom mirror? Of course you do. The secret is… a silver eyeliner pencil.

Actually, it’s two pencils. I use Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil waterproof eyeliners smudged together, working wet into wet to create a smooth smoky gradient that transitions into an eye catching bright white silver. You can do a toned down version with just a touch of dark colour like I have for a more low key look, or ramp up the intensity and create an eye look that’s dramatic and attention grabbing without requiring any more time or effort.

I apply a generous swipe of Cuff (bright white silver sparkle) across my upper lashline to catch the light and give my tired eyes a bit of sparkle. While Cuff is still soft and hasn’t set to a water-resistant finish, I grab Uzi (dark smoky grey with pearl) and work it along the outer corner of my lashes. To get a smooth blend I turn the eyeliner pencil on its side and pat it along my lashes, working the soft eyeliners together until they transition smoothly from light to dark.

To finish my look I applied a whisper of Mushroom 24/7 Glide-On Pencil under my lower lashes, then finished with Cannonball waterproof mascara and some clear Brow Tamer gel.

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Voilà! An easy silver eye look in only a few minutes!

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