Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Fragrance Diffuser - Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Fragrance Diffuser

Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Fragrance Diffuser

I’ve come to realise that I’m just not a candle person. Don’t get me wrong: I buy a lot of candles. I also burn them once or twice then forget they exist. My house is a candle graveyard. A dusty, neglected ode to candles long extinguished, etcetera etcetera.

I have, however, realised that I’ve been chasing the wrong angle all these years. It’s not candles I should buy, it’s oil diffusers. They’re the ultimate in passive home enhancement. Open them up, pop in some reeds, then ignore until the jar is empty. No searching for a lighter, no possibility of burning my office down, no glass jars lingering forlorn and untouched until they hold more dust than wax. Ingenious!

This is a long and roundabout way of mentioning that I’ve had a Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Triple Strength Fragrance Diffuser quietly doing its thing on my office desk for the past month. Night Before Christmas is a sweet blend of lemon, blackcurrant, lavender and plum; its homely and Christmasy without being heavy or warm.

Normally I steer clear of Christmasy themed products because, honestly, the heavy spiced scents of most seasonal home and body goods are lovely for a nice snowy European holiday, but not that fantastic when it’s sweltering outside in December and Bondi Beach has turned into a searing hot stretch of sand. Night Before Christmas skirts that issue neatly by being redolent of fruit cake and plum pudding, but it cuts the heavy sweetness with a note of lemon and lavender that lifts the scent profile and makes it lighter and fresher.

My office smells delightful, I’m not cursed with another forgotten candle, and my desk remains uncharred for another month. Win, win, win.

Who: Glasshouse Fragrances
What: Glasshouse Fragrances Night Before Christmas Fragrance Diffuser
How Much: AUD$42.95
When: limited edition, available now.
Where: David Jones,

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