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Philosophy Amazing Grace EDT

I say this every time the seasons change, but I’m making a concerted effort to expand my fragrance wardrobe this year. My fondness for big soapy clean men’s fragrances is a well worn path, but it’s time for me to dip my toes into the world of soft, feminine perfumes.

Philosophy Amazing Grace EDT is a delicate clean floral scent. On my skin I get mostly notes of freesia and jasmine, with the tiniest little touch of musk playing around in the background. As a whole the scent is predominantly white – white floral, white musk, even the barely perceptible little flickers of citrus deep down in the background are sun-bleached and pale.

Despite the overall floral profile of Amazing Grace, it’s not something I’d point to as being overtly flowery. It smells more… clean. It’s a little powdery, a little soapy, a little bit like fresh laundry. It’s not in the ballpark of scents like Clean Fresh Laundry or Demeter Laundromat, two scents that are overtly laundry liquid-y, but it’s in the same neighbourhood.

This is probably an odd niche for Philosophy Amazing Grace EDT to carve out in my perfume wardrobe, but nonetheless, it’s rapidly become my favourite perfume to dab on before I go to bed. Is that weird? Probably, but it’s such a snuggly, welcoming scent that it makes every night feel like I’m stretching out on brand new crisp sheets.

All Marilyn Monroe wore to bed was her No.5. All I wear to bed is a dab of Amazing Grace!

Who: Philosophy
What: Philosophy Amazing Grace EDT
How Much: 60ML AUD$60
When: available now.
Where: David Jones, Adore Beauty

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