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Color Club Antiquated Nail Polish

Ah, is there anything nicer than a clean, crisp, champagne metallic nail? Quite a few things, actually, but there’s nothing wrong with a spot of hyperbole when it comes to admiring Color Club Antiquated nail polish on my nails.

Antiquated is a blonde champagne metallic foil with a silver fleck base. It doesn’t cast warm gold, but neither does it pull totally silver. Instead it sits squarely between the two, shining as a very cold gold with a strong metallic finish and a slightly diffused shine.

If you’re into stamping and nail art then this would make an excellent feature colour as the metallic fleck is very fine and opaque on a single pass. I used two thin coats on the above nail swatch, but I could’ve easily left it as a thicker single coat and achieved exactly the same finish.

As always I’m a huge sucker for foiled finish nail polishes. They sport the high shine of a metallic frost but without the streaks, and all the sparkle of a fine glitter without the grittiness and nail-destroying removal process. They’re easy to apply, easy to wear, easy to touch up, and most importantly, easy to remove.

I was somewhat hoping that Antiquated would be a dupe for my all time favourite – and I think possibly discontinued – nail polish, Kit Cosmetics Move Up, but it’s far more golden than Move Up’s muted pewter finish.

Who: Color Club
What: Color Club Antiquated Nail Polish
How Much: AUD$5
When: available now.

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