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The Nail Lab Sabrina Nail Polish

It has been months – months! – since I’ve had the time and inclination to do my nails. Between work and miscellaneous Real Life issues, I’ve mostly resorted to getting occasional gel manicures while making appropriately apologetic noises as a polite Vietnamese girl takes to my cuticles with a weedwacker, or just eschewing polish entirely for weeks at a time and clipping my nails back to neat tidy nubs. C’est la vie.

But! I’m finally ready to start the regular, meditative process of doing my own talons again, and because I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve decided to start again with the single most difficult polish shade to DIY apply: white.

Well, nearly white.

The Nail Lab Sabrina nail polish is a bright off-white creme lacquer with no shimmer or sparkle. It has a tiny touch of pinky-beige to cut through the starkness of pure white, but not so much that it looks obviously not white. I used two thin coats to achieve a smooth and flawless glossy application, then sealed with a high shine top coat.

The reason why I mentioned white as being a particularly challenging colour to DIY manicure is that any white nail polish (and to a lesser extent any polish colour that contains a high white base, such as pastels and light neutrals) contains an awful lot of white pigment. The higher the white pigment count, the more chalky, pasty, streaky and finicky the polish has the potential to be.

A white nail polish is a good yardstick when trying out a new nail brand: if I can get a smooth and glossy nail on the first attempt, then the rest of the line is going to be a cakewalk to apply. Sabrina happily ticked all the boxes when I applied it: smooth flow, no streaks, no patches, and no chalkiness. It’s a winner!

The Nail Lab Sabrina nail polish is brighter and lighter than Picture Polish Beige and Essie Sand Tropez, less stark than China Glaze White On White or Kit Cosmetics Bridezilla, and more opaque than Essie Marshmallow.

Who: The Nail Lab
What: The Nail Lab Sabrina Nail Polish
How Much: AUD$15
When: available now.
Where: The Nail Lab

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