#EOTD: Illamasqua Bibelot Vintage Metallix

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#EOTD: Illamasqua Bibelot Vintage Metallix

So let’s just get this out of the way first: green isn’t exactly my number one go-to makeup colour. Sometimes I see something that really calls out to me – like this sage green Illamasqua Bibelot Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadow – when I see it on the makeup counter or one someone’s blog, but I see it in the grim light of my own makeup collection, all I can muster up is an unenthusiastic ehhhhhhhhh.

But, hey, I’ve got to use it at least once, right?

To get some extra mileage out of Bibelot I used one of my favourite tricks to build depth and dimension from a cream eyeshadow: using it layered under and over powder eyeshadow to create a graduated monochrome effect.

  • Step one: priming my eye. I primed with Laura Mercier Flax Eye Basics (Adore Beauty). The pearl in Flax gives a subtle illumination to my eye area, and helps to give a soft highlight under my brow bone. While my eye primer was still wet I applied Illamasqua Bibelot Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadow (Myer) across to the middle of my lid, and then through the crease. Blending a cream shadow into damp eye primer both makes it much easier to get a good soft blend with no hard edges, but also allows the cream product to lock in and ‘set’ into the eye primer, ensuring a longer wear time.
  • Step two: powder eyeshadow. I filled through the brow area with a matte bone cream eyeshadow, then used Stila Kitten eyeshadow (Mecca) across the lid and through the crease. Taking a shimmery champagne colour over the top of Bibelot’s sage mutes the green without necessarily overpowering it. To give some more lift to my eye I then used a wet brush to foil Kitten into the inside corner of my eye and up towards the start of my brow.
  • Step three: finishing touches. With a clean pencil-tipped brush I applied Bibelot along my upper lashline using my painterly eyeliner technique to create a loose, unstructured line. Bronze metallic eyeliner was swept under my lower lashes to provide some warmth and contrast to an otherwise monochrome eye look. I then curled my lashes and applied Benefit They’re Real! black mascara (Adore Beauty) to my top and bottom lashes, and finished with some Anastasia Beverly Hills Taupe Brow Wiz (Adore Beauty) applied softly through my brows.

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