MAC Pure Vanity lipstick swatch & review - MAC Pure Vanity lipstick

MAC Pure Vanity lipstick

I would love to wax eloquent about how pretty MAC Pure Vanity lipstick is – and it is very, very pretty – but I’ll be totally honest with you: I’ve just worked the best part of two weeks in a row and my ability to string words together in a halfway eloquent fashion has completely escaped me.

So, uh, thing pretty. Thing very pretty. - MAC Pure Vanity lipstick lip swatch

MAC Pure Vanity lipstick

Pure Vanity is a soft peachy lipstick in a slightly sheer lustre formula. It has a reasonable amount of colour and applies as a smooth semi-opaque glaze, with minimal feathering into the texture of my lips. I could apply it over lipliner for a bold fully opaque finish, of course, but I prefer to keep this sort of soft lip colour as a tint over the natural pink of my pout.

It has a reasonable amount of shine but doesn’t feel sticky or thick. I haven’t worn a lustre formula lipstick in a long time and I have a vague, half-formed recollection of them being slightly tacky after a bit of wear, but Pure Vanity wears more or less like a gel lipstick. - MAC Pure Vanity lipstick

MAC Pure Vanity lipstick

Who: MAC Cosmetics
What: MAC Pure Vanity lipstick
How Much: AUD$36
When: limited edition, MAC Is Beauty collection
Where: David Jones

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