HAIR UPDATE: An Undercut With Edge - HAIR UPDATE: An Undercut With Edge

HAIR UPDATE: An Undercut With Edge

I’m still firmly entrenched in Team Undercut – the few, the proud, the occasionally fluffily overgrown – but I’m always looking for a new twist to make my combination of naturally dark undercut/high lifted silver long hair visually ‘pop’ even more. The visual look of Mad Max: Fury Road and a lookbook of classic New York black barbershop styles (fades, shaves, impeccably tight edging) gave me an idea to further delineate my ‘do by adding a neat shaved border.

My undercut is shaved with a #1 guard, then neatly edged in a tight line underneath the edge of my long hair with no guard. It gives a sharp, defined gap that pops bright white. I seriously dig it – it’s a little bit Deus Ex-ish, a little bit Wasteland Weekend – and the curved white line nicely counters the solid straight lines of my Clubmaster glasses when I wear my hair up. It’s all about visual balance, baby.

My hair is styled and coloured by the very talented Lucy at Alan Buki for O&M in Paddington, Sydney (02 9361 3977), using Original & Mineral products.

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