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Frank Body Face Range

Have you tried any Frank Body products before? I was vaguely aware of the brand – I want to say that I’ve seen it in Russh or Frankie a year or two ago – but it seems almost impossible to escape their masterful use of social media. #letsbefrank is everywhere!

The latest addition to the Frank Body line is my pet favourite topic: skincare! A simple and to-the-point caffeinated skincare line – cleanser, scrub, moisturiser – that sticks faithfully to Frank Body’s coffee-based simple skincare ethos; with a goal of being suitable for people with skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

The Frank Body line all Australian made and, importantly, housed in fantastically designed packaging. Seriously. Totally display-worthy.

  • Frank Body Creamy Face Cleanser: have I mentioned lately that non-foaming cleansers are the bee’s knees for adult skin? Have I mentioned that non-foaming cleansers that aren’t milk- or cream formulas are as rare as hen’s teeth? It is, and they are, which makes this Creamy Face Cleanser a real goshdang delight.
    This charcoal-based non-foaming light gel cleanser sports a very lightweight combo of shea butter and grapeseed, sweet almond and coconut oils that gives a beautiful non-greasy softness to my skin after cleansing. It’s quite a mild cleanser, strong enough to clean away city pollution and light sunscreen, but works best in tandem with a precleanser when faced with a full face of makeup.
    If you’re into mixing up skincare cocktails, then I highly recommend using this as the liquid base for Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. The ingredients of both products have excellent synergy together, with the combination of marshmallow (Creamy Face Cleanser) and licorice (Daily Microfoliant) being a treat for glowing post-shower skin.
  • Frank Body Creamy Face Scrub: ok, total disclosure time. With one or two exceptions I haven’t been on the physical scrub bandwagon for a long, long time. I’m team AHA all day, every day. But! This delicious smelling scrub is the tits.
    It’s the exact formula of physical scrub I like, with fine granules held in a dense paste, perfect for giving my skin a good polish without scratching it to pieces. The grain comes from a threeway combo of bamboo powder, walnut seed powder and roasted coffee ground to a fine grit. It has enough grain to give a good polish, but not so coarse that it feels like I’m scouring myself. Add in some sweet almond, coconut, rosehip and grape seed oils combined with fine white clay, and I’m leaving that shower with my cheeks as smooth and rosy as a baby’s butt.
  • Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser: at a glance this facial moisturiser should be a winner, boasting some hero ingredients that my dry skin would normally revel in – vitamin e; licorice extract; shea and cocoa butters; grapeseed, coconut and almond oils – but unfortunately my poor face and this moisturiser just didn’t get along. Flaky rash-o-rama city. It’s not a bad product – The Chap has started using it and reports that it’s a-ok on his combination skin – but it’s just not for me.

TL;DR? Great basic daily cleanser, amazing facial scrub, but I struck out with the moisturiser. Two out of three ain’t bad, but the face scrub more than makes up for any moisturiser missteps.

Who: Frank Body
What: Frank Body Sweet Cheeks Face Range Bundle – Creamy Face Cleanser, Everyday Face Moisturiser, Creamy Face Scrub
How Much: AUD$49.95 for the Sweet Cheeks Bundle, individual products start from AUD$19.95
When: available now.
Where: Frank Body

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  1. stef

    Hey, your blog is great!
    I just bought the creamy face cleanser, and i wanna know the date on that product, is it a production date or expiration date? Thanks!

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