May Hair Update: Blue Silver - May Hair Update: Blue Silver

May Hair Update: Blue Silver

It’s been an incredibly long time since I last posted a hair update, my gosh. I’m enjoying a return to blue-based silver for the first time since… 2012? Early 2013? A very long time. Back then I really didn’t know how to take care of toned silver hair and thought it was a huge amount of work to maintain between salon visits, but with the benefit of experience and knowledge I’m finding this silver a breeze to look after. A good shampoo, a quality¬†silver rinse, and a generous amount of protein treatments makes all the difference!

The transition away from coral and pink has fully finished, with nary a trace of pink left in my hair. A disastrous experiment with a new silver shampoo inexplicably left my hair stained a horrible sickly yellow which has been a gigantic pain to remove. The lesson to take from that is that if you think a violet shampoo looks surprisingly red-based, then a) it probably is and b) don’t use it!

My hair is styled and coloured at Alan Buki for O&M in Paddington, Sydney (02 9361 3977), using Original & Mineral products.

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