MAC Cyber lipstick swatch & review - MAC Cyber lipstick swatch & review

MAC Cyber lipstick swatch & review

Is it cold enough yet to justify going into 24/7 goth lipstick mode? Yes? Good. Last year I wore a tube of MAC Pure Heroine lipstick down to a nub, but this year I’m in the mood for something a bit more dramatic. A bit darker. A lipstick that fights back. MAC Cyber lipstick, I choose you! - MAC Cyber lipstick swatch

MAC Cyber lipstick swatch

Cyber is a deep, slightly dusty eggplant creme without any sparkle or shimmer. The satin finish has some muted shine, enough to look slightly damp without being overly glossy.

Cyber definitely requires some patience to apply, with a lip brush and a steady hand needed to get a clean and even finish. Applied straight from the tube gives a fairly patchy finish, especially if you don’t have perfectly smooth flawless lips (none one does, especially me). Even with a lip brush it can still pull a little streaky around the furthest edge of your lips, so be prepared to either spend a ridiculous amount of time finicking it into perfection, or take the easy option and fill with a little dark lipliner first.

I definitely recommend doing double lipliner duty to keep and maintain a nice even lip shape with Cyber: take a clear lipliner around the outside of your lipline to gate the lipstick in and prevent feathering, then using a deep plum, burgundy or even black lipliner to shape and fill your lips before topping with Cyber. - MAC Cyber lipstick swatch & review

MAC Cyber lipstick swatch & review

Ah, Cyber. I love it. It ain’t for the faint of heart, but man, it’s definitely worth the work.

Who: MAC Cosmetics
What: MAC Cyber lipstick
How Much: AUD$36
When: available now
Where: David Jones

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