Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne review - Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne

I love – truly, genuinely love – the art of scent. A good perfume is an art, a potion that takes you away to a special time or a special place, transports you to locations you’ve never visited, takes you to new homes and new horizons, all without leaving your bedroom or your bathroom. A bottle of perfume might be soaringly complex or pared back and simple, but no matter how it’s made, a good fragrance is like a ticket to a million different destinations and a million different moments in time.

All of which is a long, roundabout way of mentioning that Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne is absolutely blowing my mind lately. I’ve never walked along a storm-tossed Scottish shore under a steely sky. I’ll probably never stand at the top of a wintery Hamptons beach, watching the dark waves crest on cold sand. I’m originally from Queensland: the only wintery beaches I’ve walked on are still warm and golden and traced by blue oceans!

But! A mist of Wood Sage & Sea Salt on my wrists is just an immediate – immediate – trip to those silvery beaches with forbidding grey waves and heavy dark clouds. It’s the smell of cold winds whipping the sea spray high into the air, of silvery grey leaves bowing under crisp breezes, of standing on an old boardwalk and breathing in that unique sea air that you only find in the minutes before a storm rolls in over the water.

I love it. Oh my god, I love it.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt not particularly complex – the woodiness of sage, the crisp minerality of cold sand and sea salt – which only adds to the impact of that scent association. It’s clean and unassuming, as crisp as an ocean breeze. To me it smells like pure winter, but it’s not a particularly ‘cold’ fragrance: in summer I can see it as a fresh pick-me-up, but in these cooler autumn and winter months I love it layered both on my skin and on my scarf and coat to give me a little touch of the seaside all day.

On a practical note Wood Sage & Sea Salt is more of a quick pop of fragrance than a long lasting perfume. It’s a very private perfume: it clings very close to the skin and lasts only a few hours on my skin, longer on my clothes.

I’d appreciate it if the juice was more concentrated and longer lasting, but I definitely like the fact that Wood Sage & Sea Salt is quite a close and intimate scent. Winter fragrances – both fragrances that are evocative of winter, and fragrances designed to be worn in winter – tend to be big and blustery warm juices that fill a room and steamroll everything around them, but I’m a minimalist at heart. Give me a quiet perfume any day.

Who: Jo Malone
What: Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne
How Much: AUD$90
When: available now
Where: David Jones

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