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Kit Cosmetics Safety Pin Nail Polish

I’m so predictable, I know. Every month I say ‘no more grey nail polish’ but I’m a huge liar with poor willpower. Obviously! Grey nailpolishes are my true weakness, as a quick browse through my nail archive quickly reveals. Surely just one more polish can’t hurt… right? Kit Cosmetics Safety Pin nail polish is the latest acquisition for my increasingly hefty grey lacquer collection, scooped up when I did a quick impulse shop through Kit in Myer Sydney recently.

This dark slate grey creme applies like a dream, with a smooth flow that’s not too thick nor too thin. I used two thin coats for a smooth glossy finish, but you could definitely cheat and use one thicker coat and achieve much the same result. This polish dried down to a slightly rubbery finish, so I applied a slick of INM Out The Door topcoat to give a nice glossy finish.

Safety Pin is slightly lighter and less blue than Nails Inc Thames, deeper than American Apparel 7th and Alameda, and fractionally more blue compared to CND Asphalt.

This is my last grey nail polish. Honestly. Absolutely my last grey lacquer forever… or for the rest of this month. Unless I see something really nice.

Who: Kit Cosmetics
What: Kit Cosmetics Safety Pin Nail Polish
How Much: AUD$15.95
When: limited edition, available now.
Where: Mecca Maxima, Mecca Cosmetica

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