#EOTD – NARS Spring Colour

I am, as always, hopelessly behind the ball when it comes to keeping new product launches on my schedule. I could’ve sworn the dreamy neutral NARS Spring collection – the one where I saw the promo images and thought, ‘finally a makeup look befitting the no makeup look of Tilda Swinton’ before realising that, yes, it actually was Tilda Swinton – was out around this time this month, but alas, I am incorrect as always. It’s been out for a month now, and my semi-carefully planned pre-AUS release posts are actually slow, slow, slow.

swatchgirl.com - NARS Spring 2015 - Tilda Swinton

See? Tilda Swinton.

Sigh. At least my intentions were lofty.

swatchgirl.com - #EOTD - NARS Spring Colour

#EOTD – NARS Spring Colour

Pictured: NARS St-Paul-De-Vence Eyeshadow Duo, NARS Valhalla Eyeshadow, and NARS Porto Venere Eye Paint. I’ll pop up some proper swatch and review posts this week, and we can all pretend that they’re timely and full of fresh new content. Good? Good.

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