#EOTD: Nars Melusine Eyeshadow Duo

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#EOTD: Nars Melusine Eyeshadow Duo

Operation Use It Or Lose It is now in effect: I’m sorting through my makeup collection and playing a particularly harsh and unfeeling version of my seasonal/annual makeup cleanup edict. While I’m doing the obvious – throwing out old mascaras, tossing old lipsticks and bemoaning the poor quality plastic used on Make Up For Ever liquid foundations as I bin yet another otherwise perfect HD foundation with a broken pump – I’m also minimising things that don’t necessarily have expiry dates, but haven’t been worn in donkey’s years.

Which brings me to Nars Melusine eyeshadow, found dusty and more or less untouched at the bottom of an Ikea drawer. Purple is generally not my colour when it comes to makeup – I’m too fair and too cool-toned, and nearly every shade of purple in creation ends up looking bruisey and tired when I wear it.

After applying Melusine I could immediately see why I abandoned it in the first place. That eggplant purple matte – so clean and vivid in the pan! – turns into dour nothingness on my eyes. Alas. The silvery lilac eyeshadow in the duo, however! Fabulous! Smooth and buttery with just the right amount of pearly lustre to make my tired eyes sparkle. If I could get that shadow by itself I’d add it to my weekly rotation without a second thought.

So, how does NARS Melusine stack up on the Use It Or Lose It scale? It survives as a keeper, albeit just barely thanks to the fact that I really, really like that soft lilac shade.

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