Formula X for Sephora Vivacious nail polish swatch & review - Formula X for Sephora Vivacious nail polish

Formula X for Sephora Vivacious nail polish

Is there such a thing as too many grey nail polishes? No, I say. If it’s somewhere on the monochromatic spectrum between arctic silver and deep midnight char, I want it. I need it. Formula X for Sephora Vivacious nail polish is my latest acquisition from the still relatively new(ish) Sydney Sephora stora, a deep charcoal grey pearl nail lacquer.

Vivacious needed two thin coats for the best coverage. It is slightly thick when applied straight from the bottle; if you’ve got a bottle of nail polish thinner handy (I recommend OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner) then Vivacious would benefit from two or three drops added to give the lacquer more ‘flow’, otherwise work with a very quick hand to stop the polish from pooling and streaking. Speaking of streaking, I was half expecting this to be a frosted streaky nightmare. But! No such problem. The frost didn’t settle into the pattern of the nail brush, so the finish was smooth and even without any noticeable lines or streaks.

Vivacious is darker than Kit Cosmetics Switch On, is less sparkly than Picture Polish Badass, darker than China Glaze Awaken and is similar to MAC Nightfall.

Who: Sephora
What: Formula X for Sephora Vivacious nail polish
How Much: AUD$15.00
When: available now.
Where: Sephora (US)

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