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I’ve had Face of Australia on my mind recently. My niece is starting to become interested in makeup and I’ve been tasked with the daunting prospect of passing along brand recommendations that are a) not going to destroy her pristine youthful skin and b) are affordable on a pocket money budget.

My first response is, of course, that she’s too young to wear makeup – to be honest I tend to view anyone under the age of 18 as being too young to wear makeup, because I’m a bit of a fuddy duddy when it comes to young girls chaining themselves to the yokes of the beauty industry too early – but you can’t stop the quest to wear lipgloss once it starts, I suppose.

But! After some thought I ended up recommending Face of Australia as a good brand for her to experiment with. It’s available at most Priceline stores and the entire line is has a budget entry point without being budget quality: as a whole the line has a standard of quality that’s leagues ahead of some much bigger international drugstore/pharmacy brands, to the point that I carry a lot of FoA products in my professional kit.

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Face of Australia Champagne Kiss nail polish

Which is all a very roundabout way of bringing this post to the subject at hand, which is that Face of Australia do some seriously good nail polishes at a price that’s less than a Starbucks coffee. I picked up Face of Australia Champagne Kiss nail polish during a recent Priceline sale, expecting it to be a fairly standard sheer soft pink that I could slop on when I didn’t have the spoons to sit and do my nails, but needed something on my nails to help prevent them from breaking at work.

I could not have been so wrong. Imagine my surprise when I applied it and it turned out to be an absolutely fantastic opaque shell pink. Smooth and buttery, with two thin coats for full coverage. If you’re in a hurry you could easily get away with one thick coat for full colour.

I’m a fan of wearing this kind of mod 60s pink as a flat nail colour, but it’d look divine with a lighter pink sponged onto the tips to create a flocked French tip. Nail stamping is infinitely outside of my manicure skill set but a tidy chevron pattern stamped in a clean silver would be on fleek, don’t you think?

Champagne Kiss is similar to Picture Polish Fairy Floss, warmer than OPI Pink Friday, and pinker than Face of Australia No Angel.

Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Champagne Kiss nail polish
How Much: AUD$6.95
When: available now.
Where: Priceline

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