The Body Shop Satsuma Collection - The Body Shop Satsuma Collection

The Body Shop Satsuma Collection

Things I can tell you about The Body Shop Satsuma collection:

  1. It’s a collection scented with satsuma citrus.
  2. It’s limited edition and only comes out once a year.
  3. I’ve never managed to get to The Body Shop in time to actually buy it.

And that’s about it.

I’m a sucker for citrus scents, and satsuma (or clementines or mandarins, depending on where you’re from) is one of my favourite citrus varieties. To me they’re the perfect winter fruit: juicy, sweet, with skins full of tangy essential oil that stains my fingers and absorbs into my clothes. The scent of clementines is pure citrus without the mouth-puckering tartness, sweet without being sugary.

So! When I walked past the QVB Body Shop last week and saw the limited edition satsuma collection in stock, I did an abrupt about turn and scooped up a few bits and pieces. When I say I’ve never managed to buy this range before, I straight up mean I’ve never been able to buy it before: it’s always sold out, or I haven’t been able to get to a store before it’s cycled off the shelves, or any number of tedious reasons that mean I’ve never been able to acquire some juicy mandarin goodness.

But! Not this time. Satsuma: hacked.

  • Satsuma Shower Gel: I’m lucky I stumbled onto The Body Shop’s line of soap-free shower gels because they are one of the very few lathering shower washes I can use without my skin going into a tight’n’dry tizzy. Satsuma shower gel smells incredibly crisp and refreshing, like splitting your thumbs into a ripe cool mandarin and breathing in the fresh citrus oil as it aerosolises into the air.
  • Satsuma Body Sorbet: I got to try the Body Sorbet range before it launched late last year and was absolutely taken at the time by its unique texture – half-heartedly complaining about how I can’t abide sticky and thick body moisturisers feels like my signature at this point, but the Body Sorbet applies like a dream. It’s a gel that’s almost dry to the touch, but with the slide and flow of a slick wet moisturiser. It absorbs in moments and has virtually no dry-down time, and after a few seconds is almost imperceptible on my skin apart from a delicate, subtle touch of mandarin scent.
    My skin is so dry that the Body Sorbet line is more of a tool to layer and hold the scent of satsuma to my skin rather than an actual deep hydrator. Your mileage may vary.
  • Satsuma Eau de Toilette: if you’re looking for a nuanced and clever layered perfume, this ain’t it. It is, however, a vibrant and joyous explosion of pure mandarin goodness. Simple is best! The little 30ml EDT bottles from The Body Shop have become a real staple for me recently, because they’re a) a cheap thrill, b) can survive rolling around in the bottom of my work backpack, and c) are nice for a little mid-shift refresher that doesn’t amplify or build on itself.

Is this post a little uncritical? Sure, probably. I’m quite chuffed with the whole range, and as an ardent fan of all things citrus I’m glad the universe fall into alignment so that I could finally try it out. So I guess the big question is this: why isn’t the line permanent in Australia?

Who: The Body Shop
What: The Body Shop Satsuma Collection
How Much: AUD$9.95 – AUD$19.95
When: limited edition.
Where: The Body Shop

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