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Kit Cosmetics Action It Nail Polish

A moment of respectful silence, please: Kit Cosmetics Action It nail polish is the first nail polish I’ve worn since… early December? Possibly earlier? It’s been a seriously long time, that’s for sure. My application skills haven’t turned too rusty, but I definitely need a new bottle of top coat judging by the slightly, um, wonky finish on my claws.

Action It is a deep nautical navy blue creme that I initially grabbed because I wanted a deep midnight blue that would look almost black under summer sunlight. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s a jelly lacquer, but it definitely has a slight hint of jelly-like qualities when its being applied. I used two coats for full coverage – or at least full coverage to the naked eye – but as always the camera tends to emphasise any small variations in colour. It looks slightly patchy in this nail shot, but in real life it looks nice and even.

I’ve always liked Kit Cosmetics nail polishes – great colours, generally excellent formulas, and home to a metallic pewter polish called Move Up, aka my all time favourite nail polish. I’ve got a bad habit of walking past a Kit/Mecca Maxima store and grabbing a nail polish here and there and then promptly forgetting about them. Just because I haven’t been wearing nail polish doesn’t mean I haven’t been accumulating more lacquer!

A quick word to the wise: the nail polish bottle shots and colour samples on the Mecca site aren’t the most accurate resource I’ve ever seen. If you have the convenience of a Kit or Mecca Maxima store nearby I strongly recommend seeing the colours in person before ordering through the website to take advantage of any Beauty Loop benefits or interesting samples.

Who: Kit Cosmetics
What: Kit Cosmetics Action It Nail Polish
How Much: AUD$15.95
When: available now.
Where: Mecca, Mecca Maxima stores, Kit Cosmetics stores

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