Skin Republic Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet skincare review

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Skin Republic Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet

To say that I’ve been busy lately is somewhat of an understatement. I have been busy. Stressed out, over-worked, under the pump and at the end of my rope. I’m in that horrible grind cycle of work-sleep-work-sleep with barely any time for fun and enjoyment, let alone time to fuss and primp and indulge in a little self care. You don’t want to know the state of my nails, or my skin. It ain’t pretty.

But! The other night I made time for a bath, and a proper bath at that. Warm water, mountains of bubbles, candles lit, lights dimmed, glass of wine, the works. And then – oh, and then – I finally realised that I had time to put on a face mask. Amazing! What luxury! I’m not even joking; I was so happy to realise I had a bit of me-time that I nearly cried with joy.

Which is all a long, roundabout way of bringing this post to the subject at hand, the new (to Australia) Skin Republic Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet. The Vitamin C mask I chose is a combo of vitamins C and E, to improve skin tone, encourage luminous complexion and balance hydration; given that my skin tends to turn ashy and flat the moment I get a spike in stress hormones, anything that will help me look more awake and alive is a godsend.

Application is a breeze: a quick cleanse, then unravel the cloth sheet and wrangle it onto my face. As far as I can tell absolutely no human face has ever matched the dimensions of a cloth mask, so, y’know, don’t worry about getting it perfectly aligned to your eyes, nose and mouth. Just get that bad boy on there and make sure you’ve got enough mouth and nose clearance to breathe, then sit back for fifteen or so minutes and let it do its thing. Once it starts to firm up I remove the mask, massage the excess serum into my face and neck, and call it a day. Done!

I’m a fan of cloth/sheet masks – they have little product wastage and the mask doesn’t run the risk of spoiling before I can finish it, and the serum-like infusions tend to be more effective for my normal/dry skin than a traditional clay- or gel-based mask. The downside is that cloth masks are more inherently hilarious to look at than a clay mask, but that’s also an upside in itself – if you can’t walk out of the bathroom and spook your flatmates silly, then what’s the point?

I’ve only got a few more weeks of this madness before my workload settles down to something more manageable by mortal humans. In the meantime if I can find another twenty minutes spare here and there, I’ve got a whole stack of Skin Republic sheet masks to go through. If I can’t acquire glowing skin through peace and serenity, then I’ll fake it with skincare science.

Who: Skin Republic
What: Skin Republic Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet
How Much: AUD$7.99
When: available now.
Where: Skin Republic

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