Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette swatch & review - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

I impulse purchased this eyeshadow palette on the day it was released… a month ago? A month-ish? Long enough that it began to be buried under several layers of detritus on my office desk, only unearthed last week when I threw an extremely adult screeching fit at the disorganised state of my desk, my office and probably my life before proceeding to whirlwind everything into the trash/drawers/storage/etc and windexing everything else into a gleaming shine.

I give it a week before it turns back into a paperwork and shopping bag disaster zone.

Anyway! I found this limited edition Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette and went, wtf, that’s so pretty, why didn’t I use this immediately? Then I proceeded to do exactly that. - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

The ten eye shadows in this palette vary from arctic pink frost to deep charcoal satin, with a well curated mix of both warm and cool shadows that lend themselves to looks that vary from soft and dainty to a deep smoky midnight eye.

I’m generally a little wary of anything that involved baked eyeshadows – too many bad experiences buying ridiculously overpriced baked mineral eyeshadows from big name makeup lines that offered nothing but sparkly fallout and wishy-washy patchy colour – but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this eyeshadow palette. The shadows have great colour payoff when applied dry on a damp base, and build to a brilliant lustrous shine when foiled with a damp brush. - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

Some quick’n’dirty swatches, all applied with a dry fingertip to slightly damp skin. From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. White frost with a subtle pink sheen.
  2. Shell pink frost, ideal as a highlighter on fair skin.
  3. Beaver brown frost.
  4. Sepia brown in a satin finish.
  5. Antique gold frost.
  6. Champagne frost, good for adding soft highlights to the inner corner of the eye or lifting the browbone.
  7. Camel brown satin.
  8. Tawny frost, warm without being overpowering. Applies brighter and cleaner when used wet.
  9. Cocoa satin. This eyeshadow has some golden flecks in the pan that are virtually indistinguishable when applied, even when foiled on with a damp brush.
  10. Charcoal satin with golden shimmer. It looks slightly green in the pan but maintains pure colour when applied wet or dry. - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette #EOTD

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette #EOTD

A perennial favourite look of mine – a warm orange/copper eye with pinched mascara to create a wide-eyed doll look.

I applied shadow 1 through the inside corner of my eye to highlight, brushed a sheer wash of shadow 2 to highlight under my brow, and applied shadow 8 over the lid and under the lower lashline. I finished the look with a dark warm brown frost eyeliner applied to the outer and lower lashline, some white eyeliner along the lower waterline and applied in a V on the inner corner of my eye, and a slick of black mascara pinched together to create a spiked ‘dolly’ look. - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette #EOTD

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette #EOTD

Excuse the slightly startled expression! I used a wet brush to foil shadow 2 over the lid and under the lower lashline, building up a lustrous pearly pink shadow that retained a lovely dewy look even when dry. I then blended a wash of shadow 3 through the crease and highlighted with an ultra sheer touch of shadow 6 before applying a light fluttery touch of black mascara. - Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette

At some point I’m going to achieve saturation point when it comes to the sheer quantity of eyeshadow palettes I own – and keep buying, as if on some Grecian quest to constantly toil towards achieving a goal of owning so many taupe nude eyeshadow sets that my house will collapse under their weight – but I’m rather pleased with my good taste re: impulse purchasing this Summer Fiesta palette, even if it took me the best part of a month to actually open it. It’s eminently wearable with a colour selection that’s on point for summer, and at a not too spendy AUD$34.95 it fits nicely into my little luxury budget. Nice. Nice!

Who: Kit Cosmetics
What: Kit Summer Fiesta Eye Shadow Palette
How Much: AUD$34.95
When: limited edition, available now.
Where: Mecca, Kit Cosmetics stores

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