Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette swatch & review - Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

I’m not going to say this Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette is a direct dupe for the Urban Decay Naked eye palette series (although it is very much in the ballpark of the Naked 3 palette), but I’ll say that it’s a pretty good local budget contender in that particular genre of shimmery pastel neutral-ish eyeshadow sets.

This sturdy cardboard eyeshadow palette hosts nine frosted and pearl shadows and three matte neutrals in various shades of pinky beige and warm purples, with two double ended sponge applicators. As always the applicators are more of an afterthought: the shadows work excellently with firm paddle brushes, and the eyeshadow strips themselves are wide enough to pass an eyeshadow brush without any overlap.

The texture and colour payoff of these eyeshadows is varying – the nine frosted eyeshadows have excellent pigmentation and a buttery smooth finish, while the two paler matte shadows are somewhat sheer and stiff to apply. The remaining matte shadow, a cool camel brown, has excellent pigmentation and a slightly soft and creamy cashmere finish.

Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

From left to right, applied dry with no primer:

  1. Warm cream matte: sheer and slightly dry shadow, best used as an invisible ‘fill’ colour to transition from pigmented shadows on the eye up to the brow line.
  2. Icy pink pearl: a cool silvery pink with high shine frost. Excellent pigmentation, and a very close dupe for MAC Swish eyeshadow.
  3. Peach pearl: a soft champagne peach frost. This shadow was ever so slightly crumbly, so it’s best used with a light touch and a fluffy but dense eyeshadow brush.
  4. Cashmere beige matte: very sheer and dry, but useful as a subtle eye shaping contour on fairer skin.
  5. Cranberry pearl: a softer, desaturated cranberry frost that can be layered into a high shine.
  6. Champagne pearl: very similar to eyeshadow three, albeit with a stronger yellow base. A close dupe for MAC Jest.
Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette

From left to right, applied dry with no primer:

  • Camel brown matte: medium to high pigmentation, with a smooth and creamy finish. This shadow goes on a little patchy when applied in one dense sweep (i.e with a fingertip or sponge applicator), so it’s best built up with a light touch and a firm eyeshadow brush.
  • Warm rich pink brown: warm caramel brown with a cool pink frost shine. Excellent pigmentation, but unfortunately this is one of those colours that I can never ever pull off gracefully on my cool toned fair skin.
  • Cool brown frost: a medium cool brown shade with strong pigmentation and a buttery smooth finish.
  • Mauve frost: the dark horse of this palette! From its appearance in the pan I was expecting a slightly purple-tinted dove grey frost, but this turned out to be a gorgeous dimensional mauve with plush silver pearl.
  • Medium grey pearl: medium silver with a smoky, subtly pearlescent finish.
  • Charcoal grey pearl: dark grey with a soft pearl finish and a buttery smooth texture.

I wasn’t expecting particularly stellar quality eyeshadows from this eyeshadow palette, especially not at the extremely budget-friendly price of AUD$16.95, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how good most of these shadows are. The pigmentation is generally excellent, with a lovely mix of pearl and frost finishes that are mercifully free of glitter or flecks.

Neat! I haven’t really paid much attention to Sportsgirl makeup in the past, but on the strength of how nice this eyeshadow palette has been to use I might have to rectify that from now on.

Who: Sportsgirl
What: Sportsgirl Eye Like It eye palette
How Much: AUD$16.95
When: available now
Where: Sportsgirl

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  1. Zara

    I’m a bit confused with the Eye Like It palettes – I got one a while back, and it had a whole different range of shades! It’s almost as if they just make a batch of one type, then when that’s sold out they get a different type! I’ve never seen the same one twice :)

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