October Hair Update: Arctic Blonde

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October Hair Update: Arctic Blonde

It’s been months upon months since my last hair update, so here’s a quick refresher as to the state of my locks circa October 2K14!

The slow transition away from pink is still happening, albeit very slowly. My crown and midlengths are a gorgeous icy cool Arctic blonde, but there’s still a lot of yellow colour buildup through the ends that I’m starting to think will never lift out. I’ve had a good inch or so cut from the ends which has taken out most of the darkest blonde areas, but I’m debating on whether to stay patient or ask for it all to be chopped so I can start completely fresh.

I’d forgotten how much I like being this shade of blonde: it’s icy and ethereal and a bit unapproachable (a look that I actively cultivate at all times), and it plays up my very fair skin and heavy glasses. Love it. I’d forgotten about the upkeep on hair this light, but I’m keeping brassiness at bay with the new stronger formula of Original & Mineral Conquer Blonde and the occasional grandma recommended silver rinse. Seriously. Some vintage silver foxes gave me their tips on how they keep their killer white hair so crisp, so I’m totally on their toning rinse bandwagon and I’m ready to go get myself some snow white Fanci-Full to complete the look.

Crisp Arctic blonde hair is the jam for Summer, my friends. It’s nice to look like a snow queen even when it’s a heatwave outside!

My hair is expertly tended by Lucy at Alan Buki for O&M in Paddington, Sydney (02 9361 3977), using Original & Mineral products. Go say hi!

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