Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Night Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes

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Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Night Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes

I freely admit I’m fairly blasé about a lot of my skincare routine. Eye cream is a ‘when I remember it’ dealio. Same with toner. Serum is lovely when I’m on the habit of reaching for it, but I won’t shed a tear if I forget about it for a month or two. I’ve even been known to completely forget about night cream on a semi-frequent basis. But! There’s one skincare thing that I’m absolutely 100% unshakeable anal retentive about, and that’s removing my makeup at night.

It might be five am and I’m just thinking about going to bed after a night of playing DOTA 2 a night of partying, but no matter what I will haul myself into the bathroom and fastidiously remove every skerrick of makeup. Putting my face to a pillow while I’ve still got foundation on is like my idea of hell on earth. No way, no how. It’s all coming off.

While I prefer to do a full double cleanse when removing anything more than a sheer tinted moisturiser, sometimes it’s nice to opt for something a little quicker to remove the vast majority of my base before jumping in the shower. Sometimes you just gotta take it easy reach for the facial cleansing wipes to de-gunk your face, you know?

Johnson’s Daily Essentials Night Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes are a new introduction to the Australian market, although I’m familiar with the wipes from their ‘Dreamy Skin’ English incarnation. Designed to be used in the evening, these alcohol-free cleansing wipes are strong enough to remove most of a powdered and set face in a few gentle wipes, enough that I can do a proper wash in the shower and only see the tiniest bit of leftover makeup on my Clarisonic. The wipes are infused with a gentle floral moonflower scent – a pleasant change from cucumber/aloe/generic soapy scented facial products! – but it isn’t overpowering or cloying. If anything it reminds a little of Yardley April Violets; that kind of slightly old fashioned soft floral with its own kind of vintage powdery charm.

One thing I particularly like about these wipes is the soft and untextured towelette: while I’ve preferred textured wipes in the past, my skin is getting quite touch sensitive these days and reacts unfavourably to anything too scratchy or bumpy. I still wouldn’t go to town on my face with any wipe, textured or not, but the soft smooth finish on these cloths is fine to use with a gentle touch.

I’m not 100% open to the idea of making makeup wipes an integral part of my makeup removal routine – I am, as always, a devotee of the rigorous two step in-shower cleanse, now and forever – but on the rare occasion that I’m caught in a pinch and need my powder’n’paint removed ASAP without too much fuss, I’d be more than happy to swing through Priceline and nab these facial cleansing wipes.

Who: Johnson’s Face Care
What: Johnson’s Face Care Daily Essentials Night Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes
How Much: AU$6.99
When: available now
Where: Priceline

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