HAIR QUEST: The Art of Changing Hairdressers

HAIR QUEST: The Art of Changing Hairdressers

HAIR QUEST: The Art of Changing Hairdressers

I have to change hairdressers. I have to change hairdressers.

Going to the salon has always been a bit of a hit and miss affair for me, let’s be real here. I’m not great at articulating what I want, and I’m uncharacteristically passive when it comes to sitting in a stylist’s chair: everything is fine, even when it’s not. The overly hot water is fine. The uneven haircut is fine. I once even walked out of a salon with a big chunk of regrowth in my otherwise all-over lightened hair because no one else seemed to notice it or care enough to fix it and I didn’t want to make a fuss.

But! Not with this stylist. She got me. She got my vision for my hair, she got the fact that I’m still a baby at doing my own tresses (I was very excited the first time I managed to blowdry my own hair straight, trust me), she got the fact that I’ve been rehabbing my locks after years of poor aftercare from a previous hairdresser. She even tolerated my hair quirks like eschewing shampoo in favour of a cowashing routine or showing up to appointments generously greased up with light oil to stop any powder lightener burns. She got me and, in turn, for the first time I felt confident enough to say exactly what I want. My hair has been goddamn amazing for the past year or two thanks to her vision, skills and patience.

Extra credit: Beat The Hair Bleach Blues

Now my stylist has moved on to bigger and better things in hair education – and I’m inordinately proud of her career progression, like a bulldog-faced dowdy older sibling watching her younger and better looking sister seize the world – and I’m faced with The Fear. I need to choose a new stylist.

It’s like getting back into dating after a divorce. How am I going to start a new relationship? How am I going to get across my laundry list of preferences and quirks without seeming like an overbearing hyper bitch? There are two lighteners available, one that feels like a warm cloud on my scalp and one that feels like raging hellfire that gives me old man dandruff, and I’d really, really, REALLY like only the first one to be used: but what if they don’t like that lightener? Will I come across as a pain in the ass when I point at four different things on my Pinterest hair board and say, ‘I like this, and I like this, and I like this.’ Will they make a good choice when I inevitably put my face in my hands and say, ‘Do what you think will look best?’ I’m in the vague middle area of changing my hair colour away from pink and transitioning back to an icy cool blonde, will they smoothly pick up where my other stylist left off?

To put it mildly, I am bricking it. I’ve changed dating partners without this much stress, my god.

If you’ve got any advice about transitioning stylists (within the same salon, thankfully), please let me know. I’ve got another week or so before I need to choose, so I’d love your assistance and guidance!


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