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Face of Australia Studio 54 Glitter Manicure

Hell yeah, hell yeah. I love a good copper nail polish but it’s a ridiculously difficult colour to find for whatever reason: off the top of my head I can only think of Essie Penny Talk (which I’ve been trying to buy for MONTHS), Australis Rose Tattoo, and now Face of Australia Studio 54 nail polish.

Extra credit: Why is glitter nail polish so hard to remove?

Studio 54 is a bright sparkling polish with mixed copper glitter pieces in a thin clear base. I’m infinitely too lazy to do a full glitter nail manicure these days – the removal is such a hoopla of a chore that I’ll go out of my way to never have to deal with it – but a little dab of glitter on the tips of my nails gives a fun shot of sparkle without being a total pain in the butt later. I did a quick, albeit slightly sloppy plain black manicure, waited for it to dry fully, then dabbed Studio 54 along the tips of my nails in thin layers until it formed an unstructured as-you-do copper gradient. Kinda? You get the idea of what I was attempting to do, right?

Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Studio 54 nail polish
How Much: AU$4.95
When: available now
Where: Priceline

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