Sukin Facial Treatment Oil review

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Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

I’m sure by now you’ve heard so, so much about the natural oil hype train. Vitamins! Essential fatty acids! Antioxidants! Balancing! Hydrating! Good for dry skin! Great for oily skin! You’ve heard it all before, and for good reason: rosehip oil, the most popular form of facial oil on the market, is a genuinely fantastic little all ’rounder facial moisturiser.

But, and I’m keenly aware of this, sometimes rosehip oil isn’t… the most wearable of oils. It’s kinda heavy. It’s kinda dark coloured and tends to give my ghostly pale skin a hilarious jaundiced hue, not to mention my pillowcase. It’s not crash hot to wear in humid weather or under makeup. It can be a bit smelly.

Rosehip oil is excellent stuff, but it needs a little tweaking. It needs an update. It needs a new look and a new blend, baby.

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Which brings me to the new Sukin Facial Treatment Oil, a blend of argan, rosehip, jojoba and maracuja oils that has all the good benefits of facial treatment oils in an ultra lightweight wearable formula. Say sayonara to greasy post-oil skin!

The deets: essential fatty acids and beta-carotene (a precursor form of retinol that encourages even skin tone) are provided by the rosehip oil and calendula extracts, while maracuja oil (or passionfruit seed oil) provides vitamin c to promote a glowing complexion and firm skin. Jojoba oil and argan oils are both high in vitamin e to soothe and hydrate, and boost the effects of vitamin c and vitamin a as part of an anti-aging routine. Or, if you want the short version: it gives my skin a deep drink of water and makes me look less haggard and tired, even after a day of working in dehydrating air conditioning that would otherwise leave me wrinkled up like a dried apple. Plus – and this is important – it smells really good. Kinda fruity, kinda floral, with no argan or rosehip nose-wrinkling notes to be found. Nice, nice.

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

The nicest thing about this oil is that I can have the benefits of a skin oil in a much more wearable formula. The feel of Sukin Facial Oil is very lightweight with a reasonable amount of slip; three drops is enough to moisturise my face and neck without feeling like I’ve overdone it.

It’s best applied to post-shower skin that’s been patted dry, or dry skin that’s been refreshed with a light facial mist – if there’s too much moisture this oil can’t penetrate and settle into my skin, and if my skin is too dry then it sits up a little too high on my face and goes a wee bit shiny. When applied onto slightly damp skin, however, it absorbs beautifully and leaves my face feeling soft and satiny without any shine to be found.

A note for my fellow porcelain princesses: this oil is blonde to almost completely translucent. It doesn’t leave any colour cast on my skin, and definitely doesn’t leave my pillowcases looking like they’ve had a fight with fake tan and lost. It’s supremely wearable, even under makeup.

The verdict: I’m a huge fan of facial oils for my normal to dry skin, but I’m always looking for oils to give me good skin and compliment my existing anti-aging skincare routine while also being comfortable and practical for regular use. Sukin Facial Treatment Oil hits that sweet spot wonderfully, giving my skin a good drink of water while still being easy to wear day and night. It smells delicious and I appreciate that the oil is translucent enough that very fair skin can wear it.

After a month of use, I can safely say that my skin has been thriving after day and night usage of Sukin Facial Treatment Oil. in fact I’ve only got one beef with it, and thats that I wish the bottle came in a bigger size!

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What: Sukin Facial Treatment Oil
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Sukin Facial Treatment Oil

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil



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        Value For Money



          • - Great for all skin types.
          • - Perfect for use in humid weather.
          • - Lovely scent.


          • - I'd love a bigger bottle!

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