Get The Look: Slept-In Smudged Eyeliner - Get The Look: Slept-In Smudged Eyeliner

Get The Look: Slept-In Smudged Eyeliner

I love – love – the look of sleepy smudged eyeliner. There’s something about it that looks so inexplicably devilish, an effortless touch of je nes sais quoi that looks wild and untamed. The party hasn’t ended yet, it seems to say. I’m off to the after-party of the after-party. But, of course, actually sleeping in one’s makeup is a fairly gross act. No one’s complexion is improved by faceplanting a face of foundation deep into your pillows for eight hours, even if it does give you hella rad bad bitch panda eyes to die for.

Luckily that translucent, next-day-is-better smudge of eyeliner is comically easy to recreate on a fresh face: all the sex appeal of effortless slept-in eyeliner, without actually having to sleep in it.

  • Apply a generous sweep of dark grey eyeliner pencil along the lower lashline.
  • Apply a dab of face- or eye moisturiser to a cotton bud and smudge it along that eyeliner, working the products together until they form a translucent cream. Smudge the colour down and away from the lower lashline, blinking generously to encourage the product to achieve some natural ‘slide’.
  • Set with some translucent powder, then line with a fresh line of dark grey or black pencil liner.
  • Voila! Perfect slept-in eyeliner, no pillowtime necessary.

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