My Five Favourite Pinterest Accounts


I’ve been a bit out of sorts for a while now, with not much to do beyond cocooning myself under the blankets all day, mindlessly refreshing Tumblr and throwing myself back into the interactive scrapbook that is Pinterest. I’ve started semi-seriously investing some time into Pinterest, collecting all sorts of interesting makeup and fashion ephemera and pinning them into a semi-useful resource for me to mine for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, I thought I’d take a quick moment to holler at some Pinners that regularly post some great material, covering everything from high fantasy makeup to hair inspiration to clean minimalist design. Have a click and see for yourself!

  • Makeup Utopia – an invaluable go-to resource for all types of makeup, from fantasy makeup to high art editorial to wearable day-to-day looks. I also really like the makeup storage board, because if there’s one thing I really need to do, it’s turning my gigantic makeup collection into something streamlined, efficient and organised. Bonus points:
  • The Beauty Department – if you’ve ever wondered what a labour of love DIY makeup blog would look like with a sizeable production budget, then look no further than TBD. Their Pinterest account is an eclectic mix of makeup tutorials, inspiration images, and things I wish I could do with my hair. Extra reading:
  • Hair Romance – speaking of things I’d like to be able to do with my hair, Hair Romance’s Pinterest board is an enviable homage to the art of the braid and the bun. Full of hair tutorials and styling guides, this is a one-stop shop for all sorts of hair situations. I regularly recommend this board to friends who are planning a wedding, and for good reason! Extra credit:
  • My Funny Valentine – if you love gorgeous photography and practical skincare DIY advice, you can’t go past this Pinterest account. I’m a huge fan of the Gallery board, full of Jenny’s elegantly shot makeup pictures. Lightning round: My Funny Valentine.
  • Dezeen – everyone knows I love makeup, but my heart is regularly stolen by crisp urban design. Dezeen’s Pinterest account is an extension of their ultra sleek design magazine, full of enviable interiors and hip store fitouts. It’s the kind of board that makes me wish that I wasn’t renting so I could put some of their design inspiration into use. Final entry:

If you’ve got a Pinterest account, let me know below! I’m always looking for new killer chic boards to follow.

You can find my Pinterest board here, chock full of makeup, hair inspo, rad ladies, good lookin’ dudes, and houses I’ll never be able to afford (because I keep buying new makeup, natch).

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