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Thank frickle it’s Friday! It’s been one of those weeks – it’s been one of those months – and I’m so behind the ball, I feel like I’m never going to catch up. Yikes! It’s 2014; surely someone out there has perfected a cloning machine so I can duplicate myself and get twice as much work done. Or maybe a Time-Turner, I’m not fussy. Scientists/wizards, hit me up.

But! Enough moaning. It’s time for some spicy fresh new nail polish action: brand new out this month is Face of Australia Dark Side nail polish collection, a limited edition capsule collection of eight rich wintery nail polishes inspired by fictional villains as diverse as Voldemort and Magneto. Face of Australia is generally on the ball when it comes to creating trend collections and Dark Side is no exception: the colours range from midnight blackened eggplant through to a seafoam green duochrome, in a mix of classic winter shades and on-point rich jewel tones. Neato stuff.

Face of Australia Ursula nail polish

Face of Australia Ursula nail polish

As a fat woman with a horrible personality who wears too much makeup, it’s no surprise that I love Ursula. Ursula is my idol, my spirit animal, my mentor. I look at Ursula and I think: life goals, wife goals. Of course I’d gravitate straight towards a nail polish themed on her. Of course!

Ursula nail polish is a rich eggplant cream with great pigmentation: some nails I only needed one medium coat, while some nails benefited from a quick second coat.

I don’t own a lot of darker purple creams, so apart from the now discontinued Kink Vixen I don’t have dupes for Ursula.

swatchgirl.com - Face of Australia Darth Vader nail polish

Face of Australia Darth Vader nail polish

Darth Vader is a glitter top coat made from black microglitters and medium hex holo glitter pieces. I used two coats to get a nice level of detail on my ring finger without it building up into a thick chunky layer and didn’t finesse the glitter coverage at all – it’s relatively evenly applied, although a quick bit of deft maneuvering with some fine tweezers could move the larger pieces around a little. I mean, if I wanted to put in that kind of effort. Which I don’t. Pfhht.

Darth Vader dries slightly textured, but two generous coats of a thick top coat like Seche Vite would be enough to create a smooth, glassy finish.

Note – I lightened up this picture a little so you can see the black microglitters against the deep purple background – the Ursula nail swatch pictured earlier is fully colour accurate.

Face of Australia Darth Vader nail polish

Face of Australia Darth Vader nail polish

My only beef with these polishes is that the brush on Ursula was a little too long and mop-like. The limp bristles didn’t get a nice spread on my nails and the floppiness made it a little bit of a trial to get a clean line along my cuticles without flooding or pooling, especially with my shaky hands. I’m debating whether to get a scalpel and nip off a couple of millimetres of bristle and see if that helps the brush get a bit more ‘spring’, but again… effort. And mess. Messy effort. It’s not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination, don’t get me wrong, but Face of Australia generally have really nice nail polish brushes and I was expecting more of the usual. The brush on Darth Vader was excellent though, so I’m sure it’s just an aberration!

Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend nail polish
How Much: AU$4.95
When: limited edition, available now
Where: PricelineFashion Addict, Big W & KMart

This item was kindly provided to swatchgirl.com.

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