#EOTD – Dirty Taupe Eye Makeup

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#EOTD – Dirty Taupe Eye Makeup

I’ve decided that this is my aesthetic jam for winter 2K14: taupe and brown, a nod to the nineties in itself, but given an urban warlock twist with an oil-on-the-sidewalk sheen. There’s nothing I like more than an eye that’s an artful nod to slept-in makeup, just without actually having to be a little grot who sleeps in a full face of warpaint (don’t do this, for real).

A month or so ago I did a little makeup spring cleaning and uncovered a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick eye crayon in Amethyst – get a Caviar Stick here at Adore Beauty in any colour, it’ll 100% change your life – and, given how many recent EOTD posts have featured it in one way or another, it’s safe to say that I’m totally back on the bandwagon. In this look I’ve used it underneath some dirty taupe and brown MAC shadows to create a look that’s the best kind of grimy, greasy, post-apoc chic, shaped in a vintage 20s silent starlet shape that pulls higher towards the inside corner of my brow. A little rough eyeliner finishes the look, crisper on the inner corner and blurred off towards the wing – totally deliberate? Yeah, sure.

Hella, hella. Post apocalyptic Shadowrun warlock chic. I love it. Pair it with a neutral matte face and a bit of tinted balm and it’s a winner.

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