#EOTD: Dirty Cranberry Smoky Eye

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#EOTD: Dirty Cranberry

I have a suspicion that MAC Cranberry eyeshadow is one of those eyeshadows that anyone with a passing interest in MAC somehow owns, but hardly ever uses. Fair enough, really: how often do you find yourself reaching for a deep red frost eyeshadow? Not often enough, clearly! Clearly the solution is to go large and in charge with a Dirty Cranberry Smoky Eye.

Products used: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Laura Mercier Smoke Caviar Stick, MAC Carbon eyeshadow, MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, MAC Dance In The Dark eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown Black Ink Long-Wear Gel eyeliner, Benefit They’re Real! mascara, Eyeko Brow Gel.

  1. Prime the upper lid from lashline to brow with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Apply Laura Mercier Smoke Caviar Stick across the lid and blend up with a stubby paddle brush. Give the edges a soft finish but don’t stress if you can’t get that intense black cream into a perfect gradient blend.
  2. Apply MAC Dance In The Dark eyeshadow (MAC Eye Shadow X 15 Warm Neutral palette) across the lid, but don’t blend the edges. Apply MAC Cranberry shadow with a blending brush through the crease and onto the lid, pulling colour up and out until you’re satisfied. I kept my shadow in a blunt panda eye/oval shape.
  3. Apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance along the lower lashline, pulling it down to at least the ends of your lashes. Apply MAC Cranberry shadow with a damp stubby blending brush (I swear by the MAC 219 pencil brush), pulling the colour down and out. Connect it with the blended Cranberry shadow on your upper lid. Apply a tiny bit of Bobbi Brown Black Ink Gel Liner along the lower lashes, then top with more Cranberry shadow.
  4. Apply Bobbi Brown Blank Ink Gel Liner under the upper lashline, working it between your lashes. Apply it along the top of your lashline in your desired shape. Again, don’t stress about it being perfect! I put a little messy wing on the outside corner to give the illusion of longer eyelashes. Apply MAC Carbon eyeshadow over the liner and blend onto the lid.
  5. Finish with Benefit They’re Real! mascara onto curled lashes and set your brows.



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  1. ILovitz!

    Love this look & although I do think Cranberry is a beautiful color, it’s one I think I’ve used once, just as the multiple other ESs that I have in this color family. I’m going to give it some love today, thanks to your inspiration.

    This is my first time stumbling upon yours item site. I’m impressed, because the EOTDs that I’ve checked out are gorgeous & seem possible to do for people who are just beginning to people with more practice under their belt. I’ll be bookmarking & following you. Thank you Lara.

    1. swatchgirl

      Thank you! I’m super glad that you found the EOTD posts useful; I love creating looks that are technically simple and achievable while looking polished or intricate or whathaveyou.

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