The Chap’s Pack: Winter Skin Favourites

The Chap's Pack: Winter Skin Favourites

The Chap’s Pack: Winter Skin Favourites

It’s been a long few months, but The Chap is finally home, albeit for a short few weeks. He’s been away for a while, working long hours in arctically cold air, amongst steaming hot machinery, with salt water and gusting winds and not enough sleep. Which, of course, sounds like the perfect opportunity to give him a bunch of men’s grooming products to try while he’s away. If these products can survive a few long hard months away with The Chap, then they’ll be a cakewalk for regular day-to-day living!

  • Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Face Scrub* – who said all men’s face scrubs are sandpapery gritty disasters? This polishing cleanser is mild enough for daily use, with ultra fine grains that buff skin smooth rather than scratch and scrape. The Chap uses this three times a week to give his skin a deep clean and polish, with a happy bonus that the grains are fine enough to not get stuck in his beard. (AUD$11.99, Neutrogena)
  • People For Plants Hydration Gel – The Chap is always on the search for something that will hydrate his normal/dry skin without being greasy or sticky, so I picked him up a tube of this oil-free moisturiser on a recent wander through Priceline. Cucumber acts as a mild astringent and aloe hydrates and soothes, all in a mildly scented non-sticky formula that doesn’t reactivate into a sticky film or turn shiny even when he’s been working in hot, humid environments. (AUD$29.95, People For Plants)
  • Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel – this cleansing gel is an old favourite in our household, and for good reason! Its mild AHA formula gently exfoliates without being harsh or stripping, and the non-foaming gel cleanses without leaving skin feeling dry and tight. This is a must-have in The Chap’s travel pack ’cause it works flawlessly in every type of weather, with all sorts of water, at any time of the year. (AUD$18.95, Kit Cosmetics)
  • Lanolips Golden Ointment – another perpetual favourite in our household, Lanolips Golden Ointment is a multiuse wonder product. Chapped lips, cut knuckles, cuts and scrapes… you name it, we use Golden Ointment to fix it. This mix of medical grade lanolin and manuka honey is amazing at keeping skin hydrated and smooth, and keeping bumps and scrapes hydrated and protected while healing. (AUD$28.95, Lanolips)
  • Elemis Time Defence Eye Reviver* – this lightweight creamy gel moisturiser is an excellent eye cream for fussy dudes: it’s tough enough to shore up the dehydration caused by a day working in sunshine/salt water/arctic airconditioning, absorbs ultra quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky shine around one’s eyes, and is mild enough that even sensitive eyes can wear it without getting teary. I keep taking this out of his bathroom to use on my own tired eyes! (AUD$98, Fresh Fragrances & Cosmetics)
  • Lush Big Blue Bath Ballistic – even the buffest, gruffest, most manly of dudes needs a good relaxing soak every now and then, you know. This vegan-friendly bath bomb has a bright invigorating citrus scent, and turns the bath a deep lagoon blue with a generous sprinkling of soft seaweed to add to the salty sea experience. It softens even the roughest of rough hides, meaning that a good soak can be followed by an enthusiastic towel-dry and result in smooth dudeskin. (AUD$6.95, Lush)

* These items were kindly provided for review.

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  1. The chap

    Agree on all ,defiantly all a must have and if I could could use the bath bomb on the ship I would take that as well, but that’s a treat I look forward to on my return home.

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