June Hair Update – a bold take on coral pastels

swatchgirl.com - June Hair Update - Original & Mineral pastels

June Hair Update – Original & Mineral pastels

I’ve decided that my personal aesthetic this winter is of a fat urban cyber-warlock: straight lines against long drape cardigans that brush the back of my knees, black skinny waxed denim jeans, doc boots, triangle necklaces, and makeup that veers from artfully grimy taupe smudged eyes to neon two-tone lipstick. And, of course, my hair has been updated to reflect this indulgence in post-apocalyptic modernity: what kind of Shadowrun-inspired urbanite would I be if I didn’t have locks that were fixed in a bold take on coral pastels?

I’ve still got my undercut as well, currently razored back to the skin, although that innate coolness is being offset by the fact that my neck is always, always cold these days. Oh well. The struggle continues.

As always my hair is looked after by the ultra talented Emily at Original A salon in Paddington, Sydney (02 9361 3977), using Original & Mineral CCT colour. Go see her ASAP; she’ll make you look like an incredible hyperbabe!

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