Butter London Nail Treatments: Handbag Holiday & Melt Away

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Butter London Nail Treatments: Handbag Holiday & Melt Away

A moment of respect for the two miracle workers that have completely rehabbed my nails over the past six months. I mean seriously rehabbed: my nails are stronger, healthier, shinier and smoother, they break far less and they’re less prone to splitting. Switching to glass nail files a few years ago made massive improvements to my previously fragile, flaking, paper thin nails, but the addition of these two nail conditioning products was the extra step that’s taken my nails from good to great.

Butter LONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil is a non-greasy, lightly scented cuticle and nail conditioning oil that I absolutely LOVE. I’ve tried a lot of cuticle oils before – my nail history is one of broken cuticles and teeny tiny little annoying splits on the sides of my nails, along with dozens and dozens of products to try and keep them at bay – and this is the first time I’ve really found something that works well and feels comfortable. Handbag Holiday absorbs quickly and doesn’t transfer or spread, making it an ideal top desk drawer item for me. I can pop some on, give it a moment to absorb, then go back to typing without risk of a greasy keyboard. I pop it on my cuticles, I massage it into my naked nail beds, I even pop it on dry elbows. I’d probably bathe in it if given the opportunity.

Butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Elimintator is a godsend for me, because I am vehemently anti cuticle clipping but cursed with cuticles that like to creep up the base of my nails like an invading army. All I do is pop on a little Melt Away around my cuticle, let it do its thing for a few minutes, then take an orange stick and smooth away any excess cuticle, making a nice smooth curve at the base of my nail and cleaning up along the sides. I then wash my hands and use the hand towel to exfoliate away any leftovers, and finish with a little Handbag Holiday oil. It’s such an easy, non-invasive way of wrangling my cuticles and making my nails look groomed and, dare I say it, almost like the handiwork of a nail professional.

I have only one beef with these Butter LONDON products, and that’s the fact that they’re not that easy to find in Australia. Butter LONDON lacquers are moderately easy to track down here in Sydney CBD, but the nail treatment range is rarer than hens teeth. If I could find Handbag Holiday in stock somewhere nearby I’d go and buy another two bottles right here, right now. One for my bedside table, one for my handbag (and maybe one for The Chap.)

Who: Butter LONDON
What: Butter LONDON Handbag Holiday and Butter LONDON Melt Away
How Much: AU$24.95 each
When: available now
Where: Adore Beauty

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