Lush Rose Bubble Bar

Lush Rose Bubble Bar

Lush Rose Bubble Bar

It’s a lumpy little squashy thing, true, but looks aren’t what counts when it comes to Lush Rose Bubble Bar – this delicately rosy bath treat makes up in quality what it lacks in looks!

Rose Bubble Bar combines a soft rose scent cut with a touch of lemon for freshness. Scent-wise it’s much milder in scent than the unctuously rich Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and a little lighter than Lush’s Turkish Delight shower smoothie. It’s more of a lightweight rose scent than anything else, reminiscent of dried rose petal tea.

I typically have trouble with using bath products thanks to a tendency towards dry and easily irritated skin, but I had no issues with Rose bubble bar. Rosehip oil and finely grated cocoa butter add a wee hit of soothing moisture that isn’t noticeably greasy, plus the addition of cornstarch (a traditional home remedy to soothe irritated skin) has an unintended calming effect. The cornstarch is technically there to add weight to the bubbly froth and dial back the insane towering skyscrapers of foam that Lush bubble bars are renowned for producing, but if it happens to stop my skin from itching as well, then that’s aaaaaaaaaaaall good by me.

Oh, and one more thing: I know the little sugar candy leaf in Rose bubble bar is tempting, but trust me: don’t nibble at it. Trust me. Bicarb and cream of tartar dust is not tasty.

Lush Rose Bubble Bar is a limited edition Mother’s Day product. If you’ve managed to forget to buy a lil’ something for your mama tomorrow, swing by your local Lush store and grab her one of the sweet Mother’s Day gift boxes in gorgeous recyclable packaging, or make a custom present and ask a Lushie to teach you how to giftwrap with a selection of charming upcycled scarves. Happy Mother’s Day!

Who: Lush
What: Lush Rose Bubble Bar
How Much: AU$5.95
When: available now for a limited time

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