Gel Manicure with CND Asphalt Shellac - CND Asphalt Shellac

CND Asphalt Shellac

Hola! I’m on the road this week (and the week after that, and the week after that…) and I’m going to have absolutely no time to polish my talons, so I’ve decided to take CND Shellac for a spin. I’ve chosen¬†CND Asphalt Shellac to grace my claws, because if there’s one thing that goes with everything it’s a nice deep charcoal grey. The nice lady at the salon assured me that it’d last at least two weeks and help my increasingly fragile nails to recuperate from their current disastrous state into something less prone to splitting and tearing, and I’m hoping she’s right. Broken, split nails are for the birds.

I’m interested in hearing your CND Shellac/OPI Axxium/Gelicious/etc gel nail stories.¬†Do they last on you? How do you find the removal process? Is it worth the extra expense at the manicurist? Let me know, ’cause I’m a gel nail polish virgin and I want all the dirty deets of what to expect.

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  1. Gabby

    I have been using CND Shellac since last year some time and I love it! I have about three colours and have just ordered Asphalt after seeing your nails plus another two colours. I think you get fabulous wear for your money. I get at least ten days from my two coats.
    I love it!

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