A Few Ideas For The End Of A Long Weekend


I love a good long weekend, especially the Easter weekend – the luxury of a Friday off, a weekend spent lunching and brunching and gorging on chocolate, and then the novelty of a Monday without any work. Four days off is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a point around two or so in the afternoon when I enter what Douglas Adams called ‘the long dark tea time of the soul.’

There will be nothing on tv. I will have reached the end of the internet, and I’ll inevitably end up Wikipedia-hopping. If I drink any more coffee I will burst, and there’s only so many pieces of toast one can consume in a single day. In other words, I will have run out of things to do. You know the feeling, right?

But! Ennui is for suckers, and I’ve got a few ideas for the end of a long weekend. Make some good beauty habits, try a new technique, or sort out your skincare; whatever you do, don’t do nothing!

There’s plenty more material in my tips, tricks and tutorials tag, so get a’clicking and beat the long weekend blues!

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