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Face of Australia Screen Sirens nail polish collection

I’m not a huge nude nail polish wearer. Not because I don’t like neutrals – I absolutely love them – but rather it’s because neutrals don’t like me. I have fair, cool-toned skin, and it’s a chore and a half to find nude nail polishes that aren’t ultra warm/super dark/unflattering. That doesn’t stop me from constantly trying to find the one, the ultimate, the Holy Grail, because nude nail polish is a trans-seasonal classic and I really want a signature nail polish, dangit.

Which brings me to the newest collection from Face of Australia, the Face of Australia Screen Sirens nail polish collection. This limited edition of eight lacquers – three brights, four nudes and one matte top coat – is a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the life, times and bon mots of Marilyn Monroe.

Face of Australia Monroe nail polish

Face of Australia Monroe nail polish

Monroe nail polish is a pinky, caramel-y, milky Milo-esque cream polish that was opaque in two thin coats. I was a little wary of this lacquer because I tried a similar polish before and absolutely loathed it, but surprise! I kinda liked Monroe – the milkiness of it offsets the caramel tone and makes it somewhat more flattering against my complexion. It’s not a lacquer I’d reach for on a regular basis, but it’s nice to know that there’s a caramel polish out there that suits me.

Face of Australia Travilla nail polish

Face of Australia Travilla nail polish

Travilla is a clean bone beige creme. My nail swatch doesn’t quite do Travilla justice: it’s so crisp, very stark and bold. After a bit of cursory googling around and looking at other nail swatches of Travilla, it definitely works better on warmer skin tones where the yellow tone isn’t pulled through quite strongly. On my skin tone it turns just sliiiiiightly more yellow – it’s not unwearable, and it still looks great, but I don’t quite get that wham bam pow wow factor that I see when I look at other nail swatches.

Travilla is slightly more yellow than Essie Sand Tropez and more opaque than OPI Bubble Bath.

Face of Australia No Angel nail polish

Face of Australia No Angel nail polish

No Angel was easily my favourite lacquer in the collection – this seashell pink and beige creme is a beautiful flattering nude for fair skinned and cool complexioned lads and ladies. It’s delicate and feminine, but not flossy or girly. I feel like I’m doing No Angel a disservice here because I’m struggling to articulate how pretty it is and how much I like it, but trust me when I say that it’s an absolute classic treasure and easily the highlight of not just the Screen Siren collection, but easily all the Face Of Australia nail polishes I’ve tried over the years.

All of these lacquers have an excellent formula with a standard two thin coats needed for full coverage, with no streaks, gaps or bald spots. My only beef is that the polishes were a teeeeeeeny bit thick, presumably due to the huge levels of white pigment levels in each lacquer, but a drop or two of lacquer thinner in each bottle transformed them into bang-on perfect polishes.

Face of Australia consistently produce my favourite budget nail polishes, and this collection is no different. Great formula, great colours, excellent packaging (I love the new slimline square bottles!).

Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Screen Siren nail polish collection in No Angel, Monroe and Travilla.
How Much: AU$4.95
When: limited edition, available now
Where: Priceline, Fashion Addict, Big W & KMart

These items were kindly provided to swatchgirl.com.

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