Autumn Skincare Update with Clarins, Origins & Korres

Autumn Skincare Update with Clarins, Origins & KorresAh, Autumn. My favourite time of the year. The days are cloudy, the nights are getting cool, the mornings are foggy and the evenings are rainy… I love it! Not only is it time to unearth my scarves and big wooly cardigans, but it’s also time to update my skincare routine to reflect the changes in the weather. My Autumn skincare update includes a new cleanser from Clarins, an anti-aging eye cream from Korres, and an updated moisturiser from Origins. Check ’em out!

  • Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream (AU$48, Adore Beauty)

Now that the weather is getting cooler and the air is a little more dry, my evening cleansing routine needs a little tweaking. Double cleansing with my usual Shu Uemura cleansing oil is a little too intense – nothing removes oil better than oil, especially an emulsifying liquid oil, and if you’ve got dry skin like I do then you ain’t got much oil to spare to begin with – so I’ve been looking at richer, creamier oil- or butter-based cleansers to take the day off my skin.

The wordily named Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream is a lush balm textured cream cleanser with a shea butter and mango butter base, and Moringa butter (a floral extract native to India high in topical vitamin A & C). It’s suitable to be used on my face, lips and cheeks, so it’s perfect for an end-of-day cleanser to take off my light foundation and lipstick. It’s not quite powerful enough to cut through my daily waterproof eyeliner and mascara, but nothing that a quick wipe of micellar water can’t fix when I bounce out of the shower. Application is easy peasy, just a generous squirt rubbed between my palms and massaged into dry skin. Once all my makeup/Sydney pollution/daily grime is whipped up into a glamorous slurry, all I need to do is let the shower do the hard work of rinsing my face clean before following with my daily AHA cleanser on my Clarisonic.

If you’ve got skin that’s particularly dry or reactive, I highly recommend getting a sample of this cleanser and taking it for a spin. It’s comfortable, smells delightful, and doesn’t upset the delicate balance of my dry finicky skin. Very nice.

  • Korres Black Pine Eye Cream (GBP£36.00, The Hut)

I am appalling – appalling – at remembering to use eye cream on anything like a regular basis, let’s be honest here. I wear eye cream religiously for a week or two, then forget about it for months, then use it every now and then when my eyes feel dry or irritated. But! I’m trying to make a habit of using eye cream more often, and Korres Black Pine eye cream is the potion I’ve chosen.

The texture of Black Pine is eminently wearable, creamy and hydrating but not thick or buttery. It absorbs into my skin quickly without requiring more than a quick pat of my fingertip. It’s quite strongly perfumed with a sharp, medicinal scent, something I don’t personally mind, but it might be a deal breaker if you’re a tad sensitive to fragrance.

I’m still not faithfully wearing my eye cream each and every night – it’s a habit I’m still working on – but for now, I’m happy to apply Korres Black Pine Eye Cream if and when I remember.

  • Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser (AU$59, Kit Cosmetics)

This is a return to my old faithful Origins moisturiser, albeit in a slightly revised formula. About six months ago I took a break from the Make A Difference line to try out another Origins moisturiser which was ok but not particularly outstanding. Not terrible, mind you, but not brilliant either. I found myself counting down the weeks until the tub was low tide enough to be classified as empty, then sent it sailing into the bin as I went back to my old faithful, my beloved, my wonderful old Origins moisturiser. Well, kinda.

The Make A Difference line has had some retweaking recently, split into three distinct flavours of Make A Difference Plus+ with varieties for oily, normal/combination and dry skin types. It’s a nice acknowledgement that all skin types benefit from hydration and rejuvenation, not just dry and dehydrated skin types. I chose the normal/combination variety because, despite having dry skin, I wanted something that could be layered over hydrating serums and sit underneath hydrating face primer without being thick or heavy. The dry skin version is excellent though, and I highly recommend it as a night cream.

Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser is a very smooth moisturiser with a lightweight cream texture – it’s not a liquid or a fluid cream, but it’s not dense like a regular cream moisturiser. Once it hits my skin it has an excellent amount of ‘slip’ without sacrificing hydration, and dries to a pleasant satiny texture that hugs close to my skin. It holds moisture for a decent amount of time, even when I’m working in ultra cold dry air conditioning for eight or nine hours.

The nice thing about all versions of Make A Difference Plus+ is that they’re cumulative: within a few short period of time I find myself using less moisturiser while my skin stays just as hydrated, with the added bonus that I can skip a day now and then and get away with just using serum and lotion. Very, very nice.


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