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OPI Bubble Bath nail polish

This one goes out to Jessica from The Belle Lumiere thanks to her mentioning OPI Bubble Bath nail polish to me on Twitter a few weeks (months?) ago.

Bubble Bath was one of the first nail polishes I ever bought back when I was starting to take an interest in all things manicure, but back then, with my untutored raw skills, I found it near impossible to use. I knew that people were capable of getting gloriously smooth and glossy soft nude nails with Bubble Bath, but I could only produce streaky patchy messes no matter how often I tried. I put Bubble Bath back into my nail drawer and then promptly forgot about it for over four years.

But! Jessica’s comment spurred me to blow the dust off Bubble Bath and try again with the benefit of a few years of nail swatching and DIY manicures to lift my nail polish skills. Now, finally, I got Bubble Bath. My improved deftness with a brush gave me a smooth, evenly flowing surface free of streaks or patchiness, with two thin coats giving a flawless semi-opaque finish. It looks clean and smooth, with just a hint of white peeping through.

Lovely, just lovely.

Bubble Bath is cooler than OPI Glints of Glinda, warmer than Orly Peaceful Opposition and China Glaze Something Sweet, and sheerer than Bloom Toni and OPI Pistol Packin’ Pink.

Who: OPI
What: OPI Bubble Bath nail polish
How Much: AU$19.95
When: available now
Where: Adore Beauty

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