Kester Black Forest & Lilac nail polish swatch & review - Kester Black A/W14 Forest & Lilac

Kester Black A/W14 Forest & Lilac

Happy Friday! I posted a Kester Black nail polish back in January and, if you recall, I was rather enamoured with the buttery smooth formula and especially taken by the clean, focused, on-point colours across the entire Kester Black collection. No gaudy glitterbombs or everything-and-the-kitchen-sink mixing here, just a focused and carefully edited selection of lacquers in mostly creme formulas.

I recently added a few more lacquers to my Kester Black collection, Lilac and Forest, and I’ve got some quick nail swatches for your perusal~

Kester Black Lilac nail polish

Kester Black Lilac nail polish

Lilac is exactly what it says: an ultra clean lilac pastel that’s not too blue and not too pink. Pastel polishes have really improved over the past few years with formulas that aren’t the streaky, patchy nightmares of old, and Lilac is an excellent example of this. It was almost – almost! – a one coat wonder, but I needed two very thin coats to create a glossy and smooth finish.

Lilac is slightly darker than OPI Rumples Wiggin’, brighter than OPI Steady As She Rose, and pinker than Essie She’s Picture Perfect.

Kester Black Forest nail polish

Kester Black Forest nail polish

Forest is a deep rich green creme that’s slightly lighter than a traditional British racing green, and darker than an emerald green. Application was very smooth, with two thin coats needed to create a smooth even finish. Forest dries with a slightly rubberised satin finish, so I added a slick of top coat to bring out some lush shine.

Forest is identical to Illamasqua Kink, complete with the same rubber finish. It’s richer and deeper than OPI Jade Is The New Black and slightly lighter than Butter LONDON British Racing Green.

Who: Kester Black
What: Kester Black Forest and Lilac nail polish
How Much: AU$17
When: available now
Where: Kester Black

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  1. Diane

    So how do they wear? How long before they chip? How long do they before you need to remove the colour? NOo a very detailed review – no mention that they’re vegan, cruelty-free and 5-free.

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