How To: Soft Painterly Eye Liner Technique

#eotd - Painterly Liner Eye of the Day

#eotd – Painterly Liner Eye of the Day

I’ve been posting eye makeup pictures all this week and thought it’d be nifty to finish up with one of my favourite liner techniques, honed backstage at multiple Fashion Weeks and used to great effect on dozens of editorial shoots. I call it my Painterly Eye, using creamy gel liner loosely patted and painted into place rather than used in a neat and precise line. The gel liner catches and blends into your eyeshadow to created a dimensional effect, effortlessly mimicking sexy and smudgy next day eyeliner.

Apply eyeshadow as normal, then use a fine tipped pointed eyeliner brush – my preferred brush is a MAC 209 Liner Brush – to push black or deep grey gel eyeliner into the upper lashline. Then grab a small shader brush, ideally no wider than your pinkie nail, and pick up a even amount of gel eyeliner. Wipe off any excess liner. Paint it onto your eyeshadow using short upwards strokes, pressing and patting it into your shadow until it starts to blend together just a little. Don’t overwork it to the point where it looks smoothly blended! The goal is to look organically smudged and softened, not ultra perfect.

You can then repeat the same technique for the lower lid, but be aware that it takes a little more practice to maintain a soft painterly effect without the line spreading too far south. Practice makes (im)perfect though!

Voila! Easy next morning eyeliner, totally on-trend for the sexy sleepy smudged liner trend in SS14.

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