The Beauty Encyclopedia: Three New Year’s Resolutions (that you’ll actually be able to keep!)

The Beauty Encyclopedia: Three New Year's Resolutions (that you’ll actually be able to keep!)

The Beauty Encyclopedia: Three New Year’s Resolutions (that you’ll actually be able to keep!)

Happy New Year to you! If you’re caught up in the heady thrill of a new year full of new hope, ambitions and a blank slate of possibilities, maybe I can offer a hand when it comes to making your beauty resolutions for 2014? Forget wild ambitions of wearing false lashes 24/7 or achieving ultra-coiffed hair every day of the year – I’ve got three new year’s resolutions here that are easy, achievable, and that you’ll actually be able to keep all year!

Sort Out Your Skincare

  • It can be hard to ruthlessly edit your skincare stash, but now is the time to get right into your dresser and shower caddy and bin everything that you don’t need. Expired and empty products can be dunked straight into the bin, and take a moment to look at all those forgotten dusty bottles: if you don’t use it, you don’t need it. Toss out any impulse purchases that didn’t work out, trash the products that clashed with your skin, and say sayonara to any gimmicky fad products. Edit your collection down to your daily basics plus a weekly mask and a couple of emergency spot treatments, and it’ll make looking after your skin so much simpler in 2014.

Minimalise Your Makeup

  • Look critically at your makeup stash: how much of it is expired, how much of it have you only used once and tossed aside, and how much of it is your actual day to day products? Toss out anything that’s expired (mascaras are good for six months max, foundation is bad once its split in the bottle, toss out lip products that smell waxy or funky, and powder eyeshadows last forever!), think seriously about whether you really need an entire drawer of green eyeshadows, and focus on what you wear regularly. Keep an array of party colours on hand for when you need them, of course, but now is the perfect time to edit your collection down to a tight makeup wardrobe that’s free of dupe products and unworn impulse purchases. The more crap you toss out now, the more space you’ll have for new things that you’ll actually wear.

Make a Positive Change

  • Resist the urge to wild yourself out with plans for weekly facials, strict serum regimes or grand plans that sound good in theory but are pretty much impossible to maintain. Think about making a small positive change that will benefit you on a daily basis: start wearing sunscreen, or drink more water, or start using eyecream, buy nice new pillows and aim for better sleep, or do something different with your hair. Something small and personal is something achievable, and something that’s just for you. Once you’ve made a habit of one small change, add another until that’s a habit too. Even if it’s just a small goal of never falling asleep with your makeup on, it’s still a goal that you can achieve!

My resolution for this year is to drink more water and start using eye cream regularly. Little achievable goals! Whatever your new year’s resolutions are this year, I wish you the best of luck. I believe in you!

If you need some help working out what’s good and what’s bin-worthy in your skincare and makeup collection, take a peep at my how-to guide to Unf*cking Your Habitat (Beauty Edition).

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  1. Kimberley

    Oh, this is definitely pertinent! Very timely..
    Yesterday I went through my foundations/bb creams and vlogged about how I needed to not buy any more for about two years.
    Thanks so much for this post! The skincare thing though seems to be harder to keep track of. What is good, what could work better, what the heck is serum… and so on!
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