The Beauty Encyclopedia: Party Proof Your Makeup

The Beauty Encyclopedia: Party Proof Your Makeup

The Beauty Encyclopedia: Party Proof Your Makeup

Smudged eyeliner, smeared lipstick or patchy foundation? Not on my watch, friend! Stay fresh and flawless all night long with these easy tips to party proof your makeup.


  • Use primer to extend the life of your makeup. Face primer acts as second skin for your foundation to cling to, preventing fading and patchiness, while eyeshadow primer locks onto your eyeshadow to stop creasing and smudging. A little bit of primer before your makeup can help to keep you looking fresh faced and flawless!


  • Use cream blush and bronzer to create smooth, even and long-lasting colour on your cheeks and cheekbones. By applying cream blush and bronzer directly on your damp foundation and before setting with powder, you can create a smooth and long-lasting cheek colour that will resist fading or changing colour. It also means that you’ll have less powder product on top of your setting powder, meaning that your complexion will look smoother and less shiny in photographs.


  • Set your foundation with some sheer matte powder. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing sheer tinted moisturiser or full coverage foundation, it’s super important to set your face with a light sweeping of sheer matte powder. It will hold your foundation in place, delay any t-zone shininess, and keep you looking fresh for longer.


  • When in doubt, go waterproof! Waterproof eyeliner and mascara is the easiest way to prevent unflattering smudges even on the longest, hottest, sweatiest nights. Modern waterproof formulas are soft, flexible and comfortable, so break out the tear-resistant makeup and go to town!


  • Red lipstick might be a perennial classic, but it can be a lot of work to maintain across a long evening of eating and drinking. Ditch the deep dark lip creams in favour of lightweight gel lipsticks, sheer glosses or tinted balms paired with lip stains: your lips will still be polished, defined and pretty, but you won’t have to worry about smudges, smears or fading!

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